Cat takes on pack of dogs

This is one gutsy cat, taking on not just a single dog but a whole pack of them. The cat is one of those creatures with natural authority. The dogs don’t stand a chance.

It reminds me of another cat story. A friend’s Jack Russell was being threatened by a neighbour’s German Shepherd. Suddenly their cat came streaking toward the big dog, jumping on its face, claws flying. That dog never bothered the Jack Russell again.

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Differently abled dogs

What all of these dogs have in common is their passion for a game of fetch. What most of them also have in common is wheels. You could hardly call these running, joyous, stick-fetching dogs dis-abled. They are just differently abled. We humans could learn something from watching them interact with each other.

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Rat refuses broccoli

In the coffee circle after fitness class, Debbie, a friend who works for the BCSPCA here in Kelowna mentioned a video that had gone viral. Made by a woman she knows through the BCSPCA, the video of Dexter the rat has had over a million viewers. It is a simple, funny little video of a rat who knows what he likes…and what he doesn’t. Dexter the rat will not tolerate the slightest bit of broccoli in his house.

Once you’ve watched the first video, check out the second. Dexter still does not like broccoli. Period.

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Baby penguin robot aids researchers

Even the quietest, most gentle humans can stress the wild creatures they are trying to study. So scientists wanting to know more about the particularly shy Emperor penguins decided to build a penguin robot. They hoped it would enable them to acquire a better understanding of the penguins, without alarming them.

After several tries, they came up with the model in the video below. The fuzzy little machine could snuggle right up to its subjects.

Read about it here


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Stray cat becomes guide for blind dog

When 8-year-old Terfel developed cataracts, the dog started spending most of his time in his basket. Wandering around, bumping into things, was depressing.

Then Terfel’s owner Judy Godfrey-Brown opened her North Wales home to a stray cat. In short order the cat led Terfel outside, into the garden, and into a kind of freedom he had lost.

This is a beautiful example of animal intelligence and compassion. You can read more about Terfel and Pwditat here. [You’ll have to answer a one-question survey first, but it’s a painless procedure.]

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Even the dog loves this popular song

“Let It Go” from the movie Frozen is a favourite for many young girls. But a dog?

Watch this dog peacefully sleeping as he rides in the back seat of a car. Then “Let It Go” comes on. He is instantly alert and singing along.

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Migration of giant spider crabs

Unless you get the chance to dive in Australia’s Port Phillip Bay, you may never witness the migration of giant spider crabs. Thanks to Museum Victoria’s video, we can see this incredible natural phenomenon.

The crabs move into shallower waters to molt. By sticking together in the thousands, they are better able to survive the predators who like to snack on them.

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