How does a seal meditate?

Or maybe this relaxed seal is just having a nap. Whatever is going in, just watching this one spin could put you in a relaxed state.

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Wild creatures with no fear of humans

This Earth Touch video is incredible. It shows the kind of trust possible between species on an island with no major land predators. Seals, penguins and human visitors gather peacefully.

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Lyre Bird can fool even you

David Attenborough captured the remarkable mimicry of the Lyre Bird. He fooled the kookaburra, and if you close your eyes, he may even fool you. The last sound will tug at your heart. It is a sound that means loss of habitat.

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Mouse-hunting fox

The mice probably feel safe under a deep layer of snow. But this fox has keen hearing and an amazing sense of direction.

This fascinating video from Discovery may trouble the squeamish, but all creatures have to eat.

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Tool-using apes

David Attenborough has brought us a lot of astonishing insight into the natural world. This brief video from 2009 is just a teaser, but it is absolutely intriguing.

In it we see orangutans at Camp Leakey. They were rescued and brought there so have experience living with humans. They obviously paid attention. As you can see in the video, they acquired an interest in and ability for using tools.

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Ever hear a chicken purr?

I had a chicken named Bonnie who would snuggle like this and make contented, purring sounds. This short video makes me miss that sweet hen.

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Baby goat on a pig

No more perfect song for something I witnessed with both lambs and kids. They love to climb on anything. Pigs are calm and unflappable. This little goat takes advantage of the pig’s good nature.

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