Setting out

It’s a sunny Sunday in Kelowna, British Columbia. This is the view that greets us as we prepare for our our final day here. The Wednesday Trekkers, Robin’s hiking friends – and now mine – are treating us to a farewell breakfast at The Bread Company. Other friends are taking us out for dinner later. In between, we’ll pack for the journey that starts tomorrow, sorting and tossing until we squeeze a year’s worth of “needs” into the smallest space possible.

View from our condo
View from our condo

7 thoughts on “Setting out

  1. emmie

    cathryn and robin…

    we are really happy to see you and having you at our home before taking you to the pier…
    we love you very much and know that this will be a fantastic adventure that you both will treasure forever…
    see you on thursday 18…

    emmie and jerry

  2. Tess

    I have been in denial for so long about your departure I can’t actually believe it is here. At the same moment of missing you desperately – before you have even left – I am also thrilled and awed by your daring and delight. Savour every moment! Love you bothxoxoxox

  3. Tina and Mum

    Hey you two i wish i was coming got room for me and 2 little ones Mum and me hope you have a really good time, and wonder when the visit will extend to the UK .Yes the web is a great a way to keep in touch and you are very good at that well done .We are all fine in the UK weather has been terrible never seen so much rain,Mum is good but has shinggles at the moment so feeling a bit sorry for herself.
    Love to you both.

    Be safe Tina Mum0Mildred) Jessica and Millie xx

  4. Ted Brandt

    Hi Cathryn & Robin, thank you for your blog on all the
    news of you phantastic journey.keep us informed of investment
    opportunities and you have a business trip with allowable

    Wishing you both the very best

    Zina & Ted your Table Tennis friends

  5. Katja

    what great news! i wish you a nice time. i know, what it means to travel through other countries and sleeping every night at another place. i hope you find always as lovely and hospitality people as i did on my journey years ago – and new friends all around the world. what an adventure in an age, other start watching their regular tv-shows!
    yes, i do have some very kind places in new zealand, spent there 8 months: Nelson and nelson lakes NP, queen charlotte sounds and track (easy to go), coromandel peninsula, … when ever your way goes through germany you are always a very welcoming guest and i would be sooooooo happy seeing you again!
    big hugs and good luck on our way.
    katja with kira, malte and marcel

  6. cheryl thomas

    Hi – great to hear that you two are on your way! I surely wish you ‘happy travels’

    – it has been busy for me as well – great adventures this summer – Colorado, New york city, Philly, Saskatchewan and soon going by train to places in Ontaria with my husband.

    Great weekend in Sorrento – took it up a level and joined the Board for 08…great time, great people – think we will have another good year.

    Do have a fab. time! Enjoy yourselves evey minute – keep on singing(I listen to the CD regularly!) and think of us all back here at home evey once in awhile…

    – and – in case the person with the Singles is reading -here are some thoughts ‘drink tea made with Stinging nettles’ and if you can’t do that and like it at least add some freshly squeezed lemon to your next cup of tea and eat plenty of fresh garlic – it may be an ‘old wives tale’ but the combination of the three will probably either kill ya or cure ya – and either way, youll be ‘out of pain’

  7. Hali

    My dearest friends,
    I am so happy to be part of your life. Thank you for your love and kindness you have showed me through-out the years. I will miss you with all my heart & soul. There are none so sweet and kind as you both were to me. Please always remember that life is a journey so make it a journey to remember!
    Love always,

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