Big Grey Dog

Cathryn & Robin at Kelowna bus station
Cathryn and Robin at Kelowna bus station. Photo by Hylton Harrington

A wonderful friend, Hylton Harrington, picked us up at the condo and delivered us to Greyhound, where we caught the bus from Kelowna to Vancouver. The drive was beautiful, relaxing and comfortable. The only sad part was seeing the impact of hungry beetles on the forests between Kelowna and Merritt. Miles of rust-covered trees, punctuated by clearcuts, were reminders of the shift in climate that’s given hungry beetles a chance to feast on pines.

Friends picked us up at the station next to Coquitlam’s Ikea mega-store. Today we walked with them for miles along Pitt Meadows dikes, with mountains in the distance, blueberry farms and horse acreages to each side, a glorious sun overhead.

The ambivalence of leaving our beloved home is already giving way to the excitement of adventure.


2 thoughts on “Big Grey Dog

  1. Hali

    Dear Cathryn and Robin,

    When a person has the time to travel by Greyhound it does make a difference on the view of the landscapes that you see. We often travel by car and don’t get the chance to actually look out of our windows to see first hand what is happening to our beautiful fast surroundings. It can be overwhelming at times to see the devastation of the pine beetle. Like you say, it is a definite sign of our shift in climate.

    However it appears that you had a good trip after all and are starting to enjoy the fabulous journey. I look forward in hearing more on your adventures! xoxoxoxo

  2. Dale Pollard

    Hi Cathryn & Robin,
    The pine beetle devastation is horribly apparent from the air as well. I wonder if this is nature’s way of clearing the forest to prepare for new growth more suitable to a warmer climate.
    The speed with which the beetles kill is overwhelming.

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