Walking the Treetops

Though I’ve passed the entrance to Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver’s north side many times, I’ve never thought to stop. The signs that mark it shout TOURIST, and I’ve tended to avoid standard visitor spots for more quiet, out-of-the-way locations.

Fortunately, Robin, whose post-teaching career has been as a professional tour director, knows the gems in Vancouver’s tourist lures. The suspension bridge is one of them. The bridge itself is flanked by opportunities for retail and fast food therapies. The beauty begins on the other side of that swaying chasm crosser.

The photo here is from one of many wooden walkways and suspension bridges that crisscross among giant hemlocks, Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, and western red cedars.

Treetop boardwalk in Capilano Park, North Vancouver

The visit in Vancouver was fantastic. Dear friends welcomed us into their home in Pitt Meadows. We lunched at the Cheshire Cheese in Lonsdale Quay with a friend of Robin’s and had roast chicken and scrumptious trimmings with a dear friend of mine in North Van. Her parents are models for aging with vigour and curiosity. If I enter my nineties with such vitality, I shall consider my life well spent.

Yesterday we caught the Quick Shuttle for Seattle. Crossing the border we were met by congenial customers officers (truly – not kidding here). Now we are with my brother and his wife on Whidbey Island, being thoroughly spoiled by people we love dearly.

One more weekend on the North American continent, and we head out to sea, first stop Los Angeles. (OK, I know that’s still the North American continent, but we’ll be three days getting there.)

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