Skyping the world

Jerry and Emmie Holm in their home on Whidbey Island
Jerry and Emmie Holm in their home on Whidbey Island

We’re on Whidbey Island now (north of Seattle), visiting with my brother Jerry and his wife Emmie. Here we feel thoroughly cherished.

People say cruises are dangerous to the waistline. So are visits to loving relatives. They are spoiling us thoroughly, with copious and delicious meals. We are eating and drinking our way through the days.

But it’s more than that, of course. We are storing up love. We’ve no idea when our next visit will be.

They’ve given us an amazing gift, a Skype phone. We set it up this morning and tested it by calling Vancouver. It worked! We were already fans of Skype. Now we are becoming more like fanatical converts. We’ve gone through our contact lists and checked to see which of you are on Skype. We’ll be hungry for the sound of your voices. So if you sign up, let us know. We’ll give you a call – free. Can’t beat that.


3 thoughts on “Skyping the world

  1. emmie

    our dear sis and robin…

    what a soul party was to have you two at home…!!!!!
    the feeling of seeing the joy and love you both have for and from each other will remain always with us…
    we are so happy for you….

    we love you…

    jerry and emmie

  2. Carrie and Wayne

    I am enjoying reading about your adventure so very much. I do have skype but rarely turn it on. If you run out of friends to call (which I quite seriously doubt you two could) let me know and I will turn it on for a chat.

    I am taking a small Seattle-area cruise with girlfriends over the Thanksgiving weekend. I plan to eat and drink everything I want. :o)

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