Last sea day before Los Angeles

Already people and days are blurring. Yesterday Robin went to an acupuncture workshop, and we both went to a session on coral reefs.

At lunch we joined a couple from Ontario who were not particularly pleased to have their table invaded but ended up enjoy the conversation in spite of their initial reluctance.

Dinner was a formal affair. Our table mates were a couple from California, another from British Columbia, and a woman from Montana. The chemistry was right. Conversation flowed like water – or maybe like bubbly since it was more effervescent than still.

Between the two meals I took another seven turns around the deck. With all the food available, we could easily roll off the ship like butterballs by the time we dock in New Zealand.

The Volendam entertainers put on a show worth of a Las Vegas revue, or so I’m told, never having seen one. Nine beautiful young people danced, sang, and lipsynched through a tribute to Oscar-winning songs. Every number entailed a new costume, a new dance, a new configuration of performers.

Today we’ve had breakfast with a couple from Scotland and two elderly women from Vancouver and lunch with a couple from Montreal. At every meal travel experiences and tips launch the conversation.

So, on day three of this non-cruiser’s first cruise, I’m already thinking I’ll be sorry to come to the last day. There’s a rhythm to the days: rise, read, relax, eat, walk, talk, write. Or dance, listen to music, play table tennis, do puzzles, compete at trivia, swim, attend lectures, be entertained. Did I mention eat?

Laps walked yesterday, 14; today, 15. One mile = 3.5 laps.

P.S.  We’re in Long Beach as I type, sitting in an Internet cafe at 5th & Pine. All around us other cruise ship passengers are catching up with their e-mail. It’s Thursday, the 25th. The day is hot, the air humid. Our first port day. Grand!


3 thoughts on “Last sea day before Los Angeles

  1. Mary

    Dear Cathryn and Robin,

    I just logged on to your “Crossroads,” and am thrilled to learn that I can journey with you through cyberspace!

    May you both reap joy in your adventures!


  2. Betty Brown


    I am thoroughly enjoying the ‘Cathryn Chronicles’!! It’s wonderful to hear about your trip…descriptions are so vivid, I feel like I’m there. I’m learning about cruise life and the ups (and occasional downs) of travel life. Hope you are breathing the clear, free air once again? Is life on board ‘sustainable’?

    Miss you of course, especially at IH, but thrilled the adventure has begun and your appetite for interesting people and new experiences is beginning to be filled……….

    Keep on sharing the joy!! Look forward to more chapters….Hugs, Betty

  3. Geraldine Bush

    Love your blog, but are a little concerned to learn about your smoke ladened cabin. Jack and I are booked on a Holland America cruise down the Mexican coast from San Diego in November. Hopefully we won’t have the same experience.

    14 of your Trekking club friends (including Jack and myself) dined at the Siam Orchid on Friday evening, then we all trooped off to the Black Box Theatre to see the BC Follies and give support to Sharon. All in all a great night!

    Jean heard from Jane this past week. She didn’t like London, Ont. and has moved on to Ottawa. At the moment she is renting a room from a friend!

    We will watch your progress with interest and have to admit to a little bit of envy.

    Here’s to “plain sailing”

    We are going to miss you both.


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