Settling into cruise groove

Around 11 p.m. Robin’s persistence paid off. We spent the night in a smoke-free room just down from our inside cabin. The customer relations contact says the staff will clean our room between Seattle and Los Angeles and then move us back in.

Not reassuring. When’s the last time smoke stopped at the barrier of linens and curtains and even (unlikely) a wall scrub? The mattress and sofa are both smoke infused. No amount of cleaning will make them fresh for the duration of our passage.

Lesson learned: Ask if a ship has non-smoking rooms. Robin says he has never run into this problem in the fourteen cruises he has taken. Wouldn’t you know it would be on my first foray at sea since a storm-tossed Atlantic crossing back in 1968 put an early end to all thoughts of travel on water?

My stomach started tossing with the first gentle swells last night. A ginger tablet and the wrist bands Maggie loaned me in Kelowna gave me a good night’s sleep and a stomach settled enough for breakfast today. Maybe ginger and pressure on my wrists are placebos, but I’ll quite happily continue using them.

At breakfast we sat with a couple from Bellevue, Washington – a retired Boeing marketer and his wife. They are frequent travelers and recommend a Lynnwood company,, for top-notch group travel options.

On our other side were a husband and wife from just south of Amsterdam. He worked in the aerospace industry. His comparison of negotiations with Russians and Americans: The Russians send two people and negotiate shrewdly. The Americans send twenty and end up stymied.

Seven laps around the deck at a good pace gave us a two-mile walk.


One thought on “Settling into cruise groove

  1. Ew! Smoky room smells are awful. So is seasickness – as one who has suffered from that a lot, and used to use the wrist bands, I agree they do seem to work.

    Apart from that, the cruise sounds, as you said, like one long party. Sounds great!

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