Between Fiji & New Caledonia

[Yes, I know it’s the 22nd of October when I’m posting this, but it got lost. The ship’s chef prepared a Thanksgiving dinner for us Canadians – the full turkey and trimmings. Made me feel much better.]

October 13 – between Fiji and New Caledonia

We’re sailing between Fiji and New Caledonia. Seas are higher than they have been the whole trip, but my stomach refuses to rebel. I was kind of hoping it would, as a way of fending off the seduction of so much freely available food.

The temperature is kinder as we drop below the equator so my hamster-on-a-wheel perambulations of the deck are more pleasant.

Back home friends are gathering to eat too much turkey and trimmings. But mostly they are gathering to celebrate the love of friends and family and the blessing of enough. I’m missing home.

Each mile takes me farther from everything familiar and welcoming. With friends gathering for Canadian Thanksgiving, I feel that keenly. At the same time, every day brings Robin closer to those he holds most dear. It’s a conundrum for us.


One thought on “Between Fiji & New Caledonia

  1. Cathryn, you have the best turkey in the world right there with you!!! 😉 And I promise to you, we will have future Canadian Thanksgiving with you, trimmings and all. Never to replace those you have shared past Thanksgivings with, but to add to the harvest of people who love you.

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