Queenstown, New Zealand

November 2, 2008 – Queenstown, Central Otaga, New Zealand

It’s 8 p.m. after the first warm day we’ve had since Napier. I’ve been writing for over an hour and am tired. So today’s update will be blessedly short.

Looking down from the Queenstown gondola
Looking down from the Queenstown gondola

Robin likes aerial views so we hopped the gondola and headed up the mountain. The area is an outdoor sports mecca. In just the small area atop the gondola it’s possible to enjoy paragliding, luge, hiking, dining, or just taking in the view of The Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu, and the boaters, parasailers, and steamboat enthusiasts taking the SS Earnslaw [the only working steamship in the southern hemisphere, built in 1811] to visit the high country farm of Walter Peak.

Paragliding in Queenstown
Paragliding in Queenstown

Lunch was meat pies in the café at the top of the mountain. After a hike along a short loop around the mountain, we headed down into Queenstown for a walk in the botanical garden.

Cathryn on hiking trail near top of gondola
Cathryn on hiking trail near top of gondola
T.S.S. Earnslaw
T.S.S. Earnslaw

Now it’s evening. I’ve run out of words. And we’ll head downtown to an Internet café to upload to the blog. We’ll be sorry to leave Queenstown, which feels like a combination of a miniature Kelowna, with shades of mountain-ringed Banff.

Cathryn and Robin in Queenstown's botanical garden
Cathryn and Robin in Queenstown

One thought on “Queenstown, New Zealand

  1. Denise Brownlie/Joan Richie

    To Cathryn and Robin —
    We have both loved following your adventures. As the leaves fall and the days become more grey, your vivid stories and the colourful pictures are even more welcome. Thank you, thank you!
    Today, I’m sure that (like us and most of the world) you two are celebrating Obama’s election and this new beginning for — all the planet, I think. A cartoon in today’s Courier shows a scene in heaven with Abraham Lincoln saying to Martin Luther King, “The dream will come true.”
    So often, as Obama wove magic with his stories, I thought of your story-telling, Cathryn. John McCain (Palin even more so) focused on self, while Obama invited all of us to join him in being the best we can be, to grasp how life can change if everyone would share, and work for the common good. Like the Unitarians, he has a vision of “the big tent” to shelter all.
    I’m glad that Karen was there to give you the gift of the Totara Tree story. Your brother is with you: I feel that strongly.
    We miss you. We feel your spirits. Drink deep of the adventures! Love from Denise (and Joan)

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