Arriving in Melbourne

November 9, 2008 – Arriving in Melbourne, Australia

Lily Jane Jarman, with her million-dollar smile
Lily Jane Jarman, with her million-dollar smile

We met one of the main reasons for this long journey and fell instantly in love. Lily Jane was asleep when we arrived so we had to wait until yesterday morning to see her for the first time.

In between our landing in Melbourne and our introduction to Lily, we passed through customs without a hitch. With my provisional resident’s visa and Robin’s Australian passport, we entered the country with so few questions it was almost anticlimactic. (Of course, we’d answered dozens of questions in order to obtain that visa.)

Robin’s son and daughter (Darren and Michelle) and Michelle’s partner, Mim, were at the airport to greet us. Because they’d all visited Kelowna, seeing them felt to me like a warm family reunion. The same was true when we arrived at Darren’s house and re-connected with Natalie, his wife. These four beautiful young people have made us feel incredibly welcome.

Next morning Nat brought Lily in for her first meeting with Popsy and me. She was all smiles to be seeing beloved grandparents, who are frequent visitors. Then she saw us. The smile turned upside down. The eyes grew pensive. When Nat plopped her down between us, Lily did the appropriate thing. She cried.

Nat sat down on the bed beside Robin and handed Lily some toys. With Mother close at hand and familiar toys to play with, Lily was reassured enough to give us a second chance. By the time Nat left to spoil us with a cup of tea in bed, Granddaughter #1 was relaxed and smiling.

Popsy and Lily in Albert Park
Popsy and Lily in Albert Park

Now we’ve had a full day with her, including an afternoon with Michelle and Mim and a group of their friends. We are as besotted as most grandparents. Not having children of my own, I’ll never be a grandparent by either birth or marriage, but I remember from my own childhood the joy of having loving adults who gave me that same kind of unconditional love. I figure there’s never too much love in our lives so am happy to add to Lily Jane’s store of it.

Today we’re finally catching up with bookkeeping and e-mail and grateful to have access to wireless Internet here. In the next months we’ll explore the city and surrounding area, always with the question on our minds, “What would it feel like to live here?”


2 thoughts on “Arriving in Melbourne

  1. Hali

    My dear friends,

    How delightful it was to catch up on your blog. I have really enjoyed each and every entry and can hardly wait for more. You are a definite story teller Cathryn. I must admit reading about this little bundle of joy, Lily, brought a smile to my face for I could imagine how Robin and you are feeling to finally be there with her. This is another part of your wonderful journey that you will embrace in your minds and in your hearts forever, not to mention on your blog.

    I will be away for a couple of weeks but will look forward with much anticipation upon my return on catching up on your adventures.

    Take care. Miss you both dearly.

    Lots of love,

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