The Boys Are Back

Sellicks Beach
The movie opens with a madcap scene on Sellicks Beach, a scene we visited a year before seeing the movie

Since the journey that launched “Crossroads” ended, I’ve let the blog sit, like a fallow field. But yesterday a seed was planted. I’m compelled to water it a bit and let it sprout.

The seed was a sweet, touching film, The Boys Are Back. Some talented people are behind it, including the producer of Billy Elliot, the director of Shine, and Australian heart throb Clive Owen.

Robin and I would have enjoyed the film no matter where it was shot. The people in it are ordinary and flawed and ultimately likable.

What gave it more stars in our estimation was the South Australia setting. Sweeping expanses of brown-grass hills, rose-lined vineyards, white-sand beaches, eucalyptus-dotted landscapes, even the screeching of gulahs and the flowing warble of the magpie—they all made us homesick for Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

After the movie, we Skyped David, Robin’s twin, who lives in Marion, a southern suburb of Adelaide. What we really wanted to do was hop a plane and head for Australia.

[If anyone else is lonesome for the song of the Australian magpie, click on the sample of “A Madrigal of Magpies” on the Listening Earth Blog.]


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