Hooptagious Fun

Robin with hula hoop
Robin trying out a hula hoop

You never know what you’ll see when you set out for a walk along Kelowna’s waterfront. The sun goes into hiding most of the winter here. When it starts making a regular appearance, spirits rise and the walkways and beaches along Lake Okanagan become a daily theatre.

Saturday the best stage for the day’s impromptu theatre was the brick walkway near the lock just outside the Delta Hotel. We’d walked past the row of willows that front the lake. As we rounded a corner, we saw a small group of people whirling colorful hula hoops.

One was particularly skilled. I don’t think she stopped more than a minute at a time during the half hour we watched. She whirled and twirled and danced to the music from a boombox.

Her friend kept watch over a dozen or so colorfully decorated hula hoops, offering passersby a chance to test them out. They were different sizes and weights, all of which fit different body types and skill sets. Who knew there was a science to finding just the right hula hoop?

Naturally Robin was eager to slip one over his slim frame and give it a whirl. He did pretty well, keeping it rotating longer than many of the newbies.

Megan dancing with hoop
Megan dancing with one of her colorful hula hoops

Turns out Megan Seear has started a business called Hooptagious Flowtoyz. Her slogan is “Hoop for fitness Hoop for fun”. She offers classes and custom handcrafted hula hoops, water hoops, fire hoops, staffs, wizard wands, and poi. Her Facebook site even has a company mission statement.

I’m likely the oldest of their new Facebook fans, but who can resist a quirky (and very coordinated) young woman who’s spreading smiles and fun wherever she goes?

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