A bouquet for you

This morning a friend over in the beautiful North Thompson Valley sent me a bouquet of flowers. Not the kind grown in good soil, with lots of sunshine and love. Not the kind grown in hothouses or with applications of pesticides and fertilizers.

These flowers were grown with whimsy, skill and a kind of intelligence that eludes me entirely. The flowers are on the Procreo Flash Design Laboratory Web site. Click anywhere on the black screen that comes up. Move around the mouse. Hold it down. Whirl it. Twirl it. Play until you have a screen filled with flowers. Make flower beds. Design paths through your garden. Play.

And if you’re curious about what else is on the site, check out their Flash Laboratory. Some of the designs are interactive. Others just unfold. Go to Flash Materials. Click on any of the words, which will take you to other Flash sites. One of my favorites is uncontrol.

Oh, Susan, why did you send me the flower link? I may disappear into my computer screen, to play on the Flash fields all day.

[Before I forget, since many of you are not on Facebook, I’ve posted some of my favorite spring photos on my Web site.]

Primroses in the flower beds of the Yoga House in Kelowna, BC

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