A healer with cloth

Now you don’t have to live in British Columbia’s Okanagan or have purchased one of her pieces to see the joyous art of Denise de José.

Many’s the time I’ve stood in awe, feasting my eyes on one of her creations. Now her online gallery brings a sampling of her glorious quilts to the Web audience.

The one in this photo,“My Personal Mandala”, is one of  the pieces on her new Web site. Every one of them is a jewel.

Writing about her work, Denise says, “Though my work often depicts nature and the landscape, it frequently has a spiritual meaning too. Sometimes the meaning isn’t clear to me while making the quilt but it suddenly becomes clear to me after a sleep or a dream.”

I’ve seen a lot of fabric art over the years, but I have never seen any that transfixes me the way Denise’s does. Something of her quiet, deep spirit infuses all her work.

Now you have one more good reason to visit the Okanagan Valley. While wandering among the wineries on the Naramata Bench, check out the Island View Gallery. (Call first, 250-675-5538.)


One thought on “A healer with cloth

  1. wow…. Just wondered to see your work…..
    very rich and qualityful…..

    visit mine and plz plz plz post your comments….

    Thank you…

    I’ll be in touch with yours…..

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