Two runs, two saves

These video links just keep popping up in my inbox, and I can’t resist sharing them. The little dog in this video is literally running for his life, though he doesn’t know it. He’s the day’s “Adoptable Pet” at a Minor League baseball game.

With joyful abandon, he runs around the field. He’s caught but escapes again. We don’t see the stands, but I’ll bet there were a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.

His final score? A “forever home”, not only for him but also for another shelter dog. Two families called for the runaway. The one that called second decided to go ahead and adopt a different dog.

So the little tyke’s two runs resulted in two saved dogs.


One thought on “Two runs, two saves

  1. Michelle Jarman

    I was laughing out loud long before he stopped to cop a squat – that nearly had me fall of my chair!! Loved the music to go with the fun 🙂

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