Our glorious universe

A friend in Upstate New York just sent me the link ( below) to this video, “Most beautiful Hubble images of the universe space”. Set to the song “Ryan Farish – Full Sail” from the album “Beautiful”, the photographs of nebuale, galaxies and stars are mysterious and compelling.

The shadow of three moons on rainbow-hued Jupiter, from the Hubble site
I was so taken by the wonder of the universe beyond our own small planet, I hurried on over to the Hubble site. I traveled into the Carina Nebula, saw the aurora of Saturn, the shadows of three moons on rainbow-hued Jupiter, and the pink-hued cloud tops of Venus.

Sometimes I feel small and insignificant, a mere pinprick on the universe, when I look at photographs like these. But today I feel large and awestruck, honoured to be part of such a glorious unfolding of unimaginable life and wonder.

I haven’t a clue what other life forms on other planets look like. I don’t have the hubris of believing us alone in the universe. But I am thrilled to be part of this cosmic dance.


One thought on “Our glorious universe

  1. Adriana Harwood

    Hi to Cathryn and Robin
    Its been a while and just catching up on your site. Those pork dumplings looked good and glad to see you both well as Milton
    and I are too. Some sad news .We had to put Chappy down early January this year He had a rare form of bone cancer and we only had a half an hour decision to cuddle and kiss him before he was put down ,the most comfertable thing that we could do for him as he only had a very painfull short time ahead of him,and the hardest thing for us to do ,for us so much love He gave and we miss that so dearly He was a great companion. Joshy was broken hearted and had to go on sleeping pills until we could get another Boxer to comfort him, unable to get a puppie we were lucky thru the Boxer assocation ,thru the Presidents own dog to obtain Zeus a kennel dog that was a retired show dog ,Lionel and Arthur his owners showed him for two and a half years but have his father and other family members to breed with and they didnt want to inbreed so would have just retired and remained a kennel dog forever, and when they found that we were having trouble getting a little puppie they suggested we come and have a look at him ,so much like Chappy made it even more difficult only he has a long tail thats about the only change in him, very loving and the same manners as Chap, to say he was a kennel dog would make you laugh now as he has settled in very well, no more concrete and wire around him, sleeps next to Milton ‘s side of the bed on a little sheep skin mattres and wont have a bar of the large kennel outside not even the bamboo bed in it no way inside is the way go thank you very much, He trots around like the show dog he was and yes you can tell he was over all dog winner last year and we even have the 28 certificates that he won in his 2 years of showing, but forgo all that he is so much like Chappy it is almost like He Himself sent him to us to fill the huge hole that he left behind, and once again we have a house full of dogs, our friends were all in mourning and came over with cards and flowers for us and we had a little ceremony when our dearly loved Chappys ashes came home to us. Milton now settling into retirement but still doing small amounts of work where needed and may do a bit of work for his beloved Geelong football club too, so is keeping busy. Me I am still doing crafts and making dolls and little garden gnomes at the moment learning to smock and bead knitting has been fun now moving onto other stuff.We have taken the caravan out to Robe Sth Aust and had a great time Echuca coming up next and Adelaide so keeping busy there too. Must go
    Love to all.
    Adriana and Milton Zeus and Joshy

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