Will the real twitterer please sing?

Years ago I used to wake up to a half hour of bird song. At 5:30 every morning, National Public Radio in Rochester, New York, played thirty minutes of birds recorded all around the world.

Mallard and ducklings
Mallard family in Kelowna, British Columbia, quieter neighbours than the Canada geese
No alarm for me, just the gentle twittering, chirping, calling, and warbling of songs from Papua, the Adelaide Hills, Zimbabwe, or wherever birds sang. By six o’clock I was awake enough to stumble out of bed, with a heart a whole lot happier than if an alarm had startled me into semi-consciousness.

Regular Crossroads readers will already know I love listening to birds. I’ve included links to their songs and posted photographs. There’s the red-winged blackbird, the Australian magpie and kookaburra. Photos appear in various entries, including here and here.

Canada geese
Canada geese family in Kelowna, British Columbia
Perched in my high-rise aerie, I hear only the occasional finch, a passing osprey, Canada geese (oh, why do you squabble at three a.m.?) and the odd gull – and, with the exception of the year-round geese, only spring through early fall. My best bird-sound years were when I lived twenty miles (32 km) from the nearest town.

Now, thanks to Birdsong Radio, I can fill my days with twittering and chirping and melodious trills.

So can you. Here’s the link to “Birdsong Radio – A peaceful Dawn Chorus broadcast live over the internet.”


2 thoughts on “Will the real twitterer please sing?

  1. Michelle Jarman

    I wonder if your heart would be filled with joy if you woke to the “melodies” of the cockatoos in the Blue Mountains??!!!

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