Explosions of colour, artist Roz Marshall

Roz Marshall came to a crossroads, as we all do repeatedly, and chose the road that led to Kona. That’s a long way from Kelowna, BC. So even though this talented artist lived in Vancouver for many years, I might never have known of the way her colours explode on the canvas nor the joyous profusion of fruits, flowers, birds, people, and shapes.

Roz Marshall painting
rmS1: water color on paper, by Roz Marshall

Fortunately, a friend sent me an e-mail with this subject: “Check out Roz’s studio on Kona, the gardens, the house, the pool that she built with her own tiles. Click on all the flowers…”. Now I know that next time we’re back in Kona, I’ll seek out her gallery at 79-7506 Mamalahoa Highway. And I’ll put an artist’s retreat in her beautiful studio above Kealakekua Bay on my Bucket List.

Ruz Marshall's home
An artist retreat in Roz Marshall's studio is definitely on my Bucket List

In the meantime, we can all travel to Kona virtually, thanks to her stunning Web site. Be sure to click on the blue rose by her name. And then, on each eye-popping page, click on the leaves to see more of her work. Be sure to check out the “Kona” link, for an online visit to the home she and her husband built, set amid a profusion of flowers, and tiled with her own designs.


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