Fellow travelers

Carol Mason in New South Wales is a new virtual friend, introduced by a friend in Western Australia. We are both entranced by the creatures who share our world. Some of you will remember seeing galahs in a couple posts on this blog, while Robin and I were traveling in Australia. Carol has them all around her. Here are her photos and her words.

Galahs preening

I have a deep interest in preserving our wildlife in Australia, from necessity, with many things happening. These galahs flew into our yard, with a flock, and began preening one another. So lovely to see them wild and free.

Galahs on a branch

They regularly swoop into the yard and perch and delight me in their antics and their capacity to come and go as they please. Something which I hope we all encourage …. the rights of our fellow travellers to do so.

“Silly galah” is an Australian slang expression, used for someone who’s foolish. Galah behavior can seem quirky and funny, as you watch them in large flocks or paired up and perched on a wire. They are very social birds. Galahs are ubiquitous. Not everyone appreciates them, just as pigeons in urban Canada are not universally admired. The Australian Galah Web site has photos and all kinds of resources on these members of the cockatoo family.


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