Perversity of inanimate objects

Warning sign
The fence is temporary so it really does have feet, to stabilize it. You have been warned!

Grace and balance have never been high on my list of innate talents. So I had probably tripped over something for the nth time when a friend told me about PIO.

That’s the “perversity of inanimate objects”. They’ll reach out and grab you as you walk by. Sharp table edges gouge. Curbs catch a foot. Reliable blenders suddenly spew tomato juice all over the kitchen.

I like the online definition on “Laws, Observations, Mottos and Philosophies”: “Any inanimate object, regardless of its composition, shape, density or color, may be expected to perform (at any time) in a totally unexpected manner for reasons that are entirely obscure, or else completely mysterious.”

Usually you don’t have any warning. But along Kelowna’s new Stuart Park, you do, at least until the temporary fence around it comes down.

Until then, be careful. This fence has feet, and they’re likely to shoot out and trip you.

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