Sound of Music in Antwerp

My Twitter friends have quickly discovered my love of animals, flash mobs, and spirit-lightening videos. Denise Carlisle Tweeted the video below to Odella Wilson and me. Many had seen it before. More will see it after.

Odella is in Mobile, Alabama. Denise is in Boise, Idaho (just up the road from Twin Falls, where I grew up). Somehow the video came to me with the flavour of both, something I’m learning to appreciate about Twitter.

So before you watch the video, check out Odella’s “Plus One, My Poetry for Peace” and then sit back and prepare to smile. This flash mob went viral. Over 17 million people have seen it.

I’d watched it once before and forgotten about it. Seeing it again put a huge smile on my face and a song in my heart.

Thanks, Denise and Odella.


5 thoughts on “Sound of Music in Antwerp

  1. Monique

    love thee flashmobs. they give me a warm tingly feeling allover when i see them. would love to be part of one one day.

  2. Brian Eaton

    Thanks so much for that Cathryn.
    There is something about open public spaces and music and the obvious joy of the participants and onlookers that get my emotional juices flowing.

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