There’s no stopping a squirrel

Fellow animal lover Carol Mason (Hand across the distance, Dreams and lessons, Fellow travelers) sent me a version of this video. I tracked it down on YouTube. Carol’s comment: “Who dares question the intelligence of our fellow species???”

It is hubris to think we are the only intelligent, creative beings on the planet. Years ago, we had a black walnut tree behind our house in Rochester, New York. Squirrels loved it and would stash their winter cache all over the yard. They were also fond of the seed we put out to attract cardinals in winter.

We went to great lengths to keep them away from the seed. They went to greater lengths to get at it. No matter what we tried, they always won, and we loved watching them do it.

Watch this video, and you will never see squirrels the same way again.


2 thoughts on “There’s no stopping a squirrel

    1. Can’t wait to hear your mouse story. This squirrel was so darned smart, kind of like the cow I once had who learned how to cross a cattle guard. Never could keep her in after that.

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