Big guitar, big sound, small girl

Generally I try to chase down information about any of the videos I post, partly just to assure myself they’re legitimate but also to provide more of the story.

My tracking skills are generally pretty good, but I’ve found nothing about this one. The YouTube link just calls this “Little North Korean Girl Playing Guitar”.

I’m going to post it anyway. This munchkin must practice nearly every waking hour of the day. That brings up some interesting questions, but I won’t explore them here.

This girl obviously is not just skilled. She has a musical soul.


4 thoughts on “Big guitar, big sound, small girl

  1. Virginia Sauve

    Wow! I so enjoyed this. She reminds me of a child prodigy violinist I had the privilege of tutoring when he was preparing for his departmentals. His mother had been my student in a garment factory many years earlier and had asked me for years to help him with his English, as the family spoke Chinese at home. I had always declined but it was summer, I had time and I consented. What a joy it was to work with this young man. He was a good learner, especially if we talked or wrote about music and when I heard him play, it was as if he embodied the soul of the composer he was playing. This young Korean girl seems also to dwell in the soul of the music she plays. What a wonderful way to be present to her life. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Carol Mason

    Thank you for this beautiful vision. The guitar may be bigger than she is, but her soul is bigger than the guitar.

  3. Deepthi

    OMG! This kid smokes!! Surely, this isn’t something she learned in one life time. After the Youtube clip ended I tried a few of the other clips that come up and look what I found. Another little Korean talent. (apparently, this kids nuts about the Beatles. Infact considers his 3 year old self as the 5th Beatle!)

    I watched this one a few times and laughed and laughed until – well, I cried! John Lennon reborn????


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