Trust in the morning light

My Aussie friend, Carol Mason, created this little gem as a plea for respect and love for creatures she holds dear: kangaroos. There’s no musical background so just sit back and enjoy the words and pictures.

Here’s the note she wrote to accompany the video:

If you could forward this to your emailees who have compassion, (I just did)….. it would help the future of the kangaroos in Australia. In so many areas now, due to exploitation and the seizing of their habitats, their numbers have decreased to an extent that worries those observing them. Targetting of the big animals for meat has depleted the gene pool…so many are now much smaller than they used to be in stature….but not in all that they are when one has come up close to them and got to know them.

So if you could speak for their future by forwarding on this small clip, I would appreciate it. It is my plea for a consideration of the respect due to them, in their uniqueness and to our other unique wildllife, who also need due consideration.


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