Youth dancing for their future

On the steps of the Sydney Opera House, 800 Australian youth danced to draw attention to climate change. The choreographer worked with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition for four hours and then led them in a flash mob to remind politicians that “their lives are not chips to be gambled with”.

I’ve participated in dozens of political rallies. They always made us feel better. At least we were gathering with like-minded people, speaking out on some issue we believed in.

Did they accomplish anything? Nothing measurable, but I still walk in the occasional protest march or wave my banner to proclaim support on some issue.

I think what’s missing with most rallies is fun. People stop and watch a flash mob. They smile. They take photos. They text and Tweet. They tell and re-tell the story.

Flash mobs don’t always have as serious a purpose as climate change awareness. Mostly they’re just for fun. But for a short time they bring people together. The sense of community may be temporary, but it’s no less valuable for that.


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