Dazzling paper sculpture

I’ve seen paper art that made me stand and stare, but I’ve never seen paper sculpture like this. Allen and Patty Eckman have developed a technique of cast paper sculpture that’s uniquely their own. From miniatures to larger-than-life sculptures, they create figures where every muscle, every fibre, every gesture is finely and perfectly crafted.

On their Web site you can download a booklet that walks you through their methodology. You can buy a kit for creating Patty’s Flowers. You can buy or commission their art.

Or you can just gaze in wonder at the creative outpouring of two talented artists. The video below is a teaser, to persuade you to check out art that will make you gasp.


3 thoughts on “Dazzling paper sculpture

  1. Ah, so what is the story behind the piece above? Some poetry comes to mind … and I think about winds of time, the shifting, magical universe, and the fragility of life. Wouldn’t it be fun to let a child create a story around the paper sculpture above? They come up with amazing ideas sometimes! Thanks for sharing this; I love art … it keeps us young (and this relates to a comment I left @ Catching Courage)!

    1. Yes…I remember teaching a child a paper-folding story. A year later I came back, and she asked if I’d like to hear a paper-folding story. Same folds, but her story was an unfolding fantasy that enchanted me.

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