Polar bears and sled dogs romping

I’ve seen the photographs before, but I’d missed this 2007 video until now. It calls into question some Standard Truths about animal behaviour.

I like that. We humans make a lot of statements about our fellow creatures. We watch them. We study them. We photograph them. We make assumptions about their “inferiority” in comparison with us. We misuse and abuse them. We befriend them. We interpret their actions through the lens of our own life experience.

What we too often lack is some humility about our own narrow understanding of other ways of being. This short video is a good reminder we’ll always have more to learn about our non-human relatives.

4 thoughts on “Polar bears and sled dogs romping

  1. Ah, I like this … snow in August has definite appeal … the hot days of summer easing into colder days without delay. Yes, we have so much to learn from animals and pets … on my blog today, I was talking w/someone in the comments section about cats as Zen masters, for instance. You’ll enjoy the thread, I think! Look for the Use a Zoom Lens post and comment/reply with C. Lee McKenzie. Fun stuff and filled with truth! Take care, enjoy your weekend. –Best, Daisy

  2. pete gardiner

    This video of bears playing gently with sled dogs contradicts all the misinformation regarding bears vs. dogs that I’ve absorbed subliminally during my 76 years. Truly amazing. Thanks for posting it. -pg

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