Adoring a pit bull

I can barely see the screen through the tears in my eyes, but I had to share this video with you. Many of you have read my story of Shira, the sweet Akbash I sold to owners who turned out to be abusive.

Dolly’s experience with the owners who adopted her from a shelter was as horrifying. They used the pit bull as a bait dog in a dog-fighting ring. When she came back to the shelter, her face was one running sore, marked by all the savagery her owners subjected her to.

This story, too, has a happy ending. Pit bulls have a vicious reputation, but it’s the breeders and trainers who deserve the blame for turning this breed into an attack animal. Dolly is, indeed, an ambassador for her breed—a loving dog in spite of all she endured.


4 thoughts on “Adoring a pit bull

  1. Brian Eaton

    Thank goodness this story had a happy ending.
    It beggars belief that people can treat animals that way.
    Like you Cathryn I was tearful watching it.

  2. Rose

    These horrid dog stories really pull heart strings and bring on the tears. I will never comprehend how anyone can be cruel to any animal and thank goodness for the rescuers…love the happy endings.

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