When you need a good laugh…

No cat was harmed in the making of this video…I think. Cat lovers will recognize the impulse behind the leaps and jumps and general craziness that propels these cats right into trouble.

Having had my share of cats who pull down Christmas trees, knock everything off tables, leap on unsuspecting (usually cat-hating) visitors, and shred new furniture, I laughed out loud. Watching the video was like a trip down memory lane, with no need to clean up afterward.


2 thoughts on “When you need a good laugh…

  1. Aww! Funny kitties!! This is just what my am was like with Bob, my 2 yr old male tabby. He woke up in a mood and went through the bedroom like a Tasmanian Devil! He knocked over the lamp on the nightstand which knocked over my glass of water which spilled onto the alarm clock and took that out. The lamp broke the cat’s water dish so MORE water spilled on the night stand and the floor, and the nightstand lamp, which has been a victim of this abuse before, is officially dead. Bob ran under the bed. What a mess!!

    1. What a hilarious story. If Bob’s antics were on YouTube, you’d already have thousands of hits. Wouldn’t you love to crawl into his head and know what he was thinking? On second thought…probably better NOT to know. Might be scary. 😉

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