Wendy Young, life artist

Wendy Young
Wendy on a visit to me during my stay in California

In the geographic heart of British Columbia, in the city of Prince George, lives a woman who doesn’t just create art. She lives it. Whenever that creative brain of hers lands on another art form, she masters it so quickly she makes it look effortless.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll say that Wendy Young is also a dear friend. Lucky me. She has an extraordinary sense of fun and celebration. I lived with her and her spouse, Theresa Healy, when I was in transition. Halloween rolled around, and Wendy brought out the pumpkins for carving.

Carving pumpkins at Wendy's house
For Halloween, we carved pumpkins

At Christmas there were popcorn balls and gingerbread cookies.

Popcorn balls
Gaily coloured popcorn balls for Christmas
Gingerbread cookies
Wendy decorating gingerbread cookies

Each summer Wendy adds to the artistry of the woodland that forms the backyard of the home she and Theresa share. And they don’t just share it with each other. Friends passing through, visitors to Prince George, wounded folk needing respite—all are welcome here.

Forest figure
Wendy's artistic flair shows everywhere in the garden she and Theresa have created in their woodland backyard
Wander through the garden and you suddenly stumble across a piece of art, on the ground, in the trees, along pathways


I proudly wear examples of the dichroic glass jewelry Wendy creates as Sister’s Inn Fusion Glass. Her glass work is unique, colourful, and fun.

Wendy's sign
Wendy's sign and part of her display at the Prince George farmers' market.
Vase and ball
Brilliant colours and swirling shapes characterize Wendy's glass work
Wendy creates pieces that are visually arresting and also functional so they can be used instead of tucked away in a cupboard

Even Wendy’s cooking is artistic. When Robin and I visited her recently, she prepared a breakfast that was as aesthetically pleasing as it was delicious.

Sautéed eggs top a sweet, fresh grape filling

Wendy’s colourful Web site captures glimpses of the artistry of her life. There are no boundaries to her creativity. Whether she’s in her studio designing yet another piece of art, planning a dinner party, decorating for a holiday, or preparing guest quarters for friends, Wendy makes no separation between life and art. Wendy is art.


13 thoughts on “Wendy Young, life artist

  1. Virginia

    Hats off to Wendy, and of course, to you, Cathryn, for sharing this story. What struck me most was the statement about Wendy’s willing offer of respite to the wounded. It gives hospitality a whole new meaning.

    Blessings to you both.


  2. Tess

    Oh Cathryn: what a gift. I stumbled on this today in the midst of preps for a public forum on Gang Crime. What a delightful reminder of everything I have to be grateful for, and that is worth fighting for…hugs and kisses

    1. The two of you do so much to add to the quality of life in the community you call home. And even if you did nothing more than brighten the lives of those of us who cross your paths, you would already make the world a better place.

  3. Michelle

    If art is a reflection of our soul – then Wendy’s sure is bright, beautiful and inviting. Not to mention delicious – how yummy do those popcorn balls look?! 🙂

  4. Chris Bischoff

    Thank you for this story, Cathryn. Wendy sounds like a lovely friend. I thought your photos were amazing. They really tell Wendy’s story well! Thanks too for your singing (and dancing) today. Your little group is so talented. I will send you a photo when I get them loaded on. Chris

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