Wishing you laughter in 2011

Time to say farewell to yet another year. 2010 was a good year in the Wellner/Jarman household. There were clouds, of course, and the serious illnesses of loved friends weigh on our hearts as we edge ever closer to 2011.

If we put the good times and hard times on a balance scale, this year would come down heavily on the good side. So we end the year in gratitude and send wishes for a year full of laughter. The inevitable heartaches and challenges are a whole lot easier to bear when we remember to have at least one good belly laugh a day.

So keep the link to this page handy. When you need a laugh, watch one of these videos.

These dancing goats are from Giggle with the Goats. You’ll find more laughter on the Web site.

We seem to love watching other people make fools of themselves. Near as I can tell, no one got seriously hurt in these falls, and I confess some of them made me laugh out loud.

One of the funniest and most inspiring men on the speaker circuit is Nick Vujicic. He has no arms or legs, but he has a big heart.

And finally, most people remember Robert Fulghum’s best seller, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. He keeps laughing at himself. His Web site is a regular source of belly laughs for me.


One thought on “Wishing you laughter in 2011

  1. Michelle

    I begin reading your blog for 2011 similarly to how I read it all through 2010. This entry had me smile, laugh and shed a tear. I will call upon the spirit of the cheeky grey goat as often as I can remember this year and be thankful for each day, as Nick suggested. And finally, I will remember to laugh at myself and to “have a go” – thanks to the inspirational oldies!

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