One Fiery Kelowna Fall

Autumn 2010 was extraordinarily colourful in Kelowna, British Columbia. I was out often with my camera, storing up memories like a squirrel stores nuts.

As thoughts of Christmas began tumbling around in my brain, I remembered those stored photographs. They seemed the perfect offering for my partner, who is such a gentle, loving soul. Since I’ve never made a photo book before, I turned to Blurb. They made it easy, with software and templates that were intuitive and took care of questions about margins, gutters, and sizes.

It was still November when I sent off my order, and I was dying to share it here. But I decided to wait until after Christmas, just in case someone leaked the URL to Robin. Now he has his copy, and it is, if I say so myself, beautiful.

Here’s my tribute to One Fiery Kelowna Fall.


5 thoughts on “One Fiery Kelowna Fall

  1. robin jarman

    Thanks so much Cathryn. This was a Christmas gift I will never forget. It brought tears to my eyes. I want to send it to my family to show them what a talented and caring partner I have in my life now.

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