Kindness: paying it forward

So…you’re walking down the street and someone hands you a flower. Or you’re sitting on a bench and a stranger sings you a song. Or maybe you’re the one handing out the love.

On both sides of the equation, smiles drop like stones into a pond, rippling outward. It’s such a small gesture, but it slips into the heart and rings the bell of generosity.

Generosity in the heart of the giver, generosity in the heart of the receiver. For a moment, worries and griefs and planetary problems shrink to the size of a smile. And anything is possible.

Welcome to Kindness 101.


One thought on “Kindness: paying it forward

  1. Michelle

    Once aggain, as often happens when I read/watch your blog entries – I enjoyed this all the way through with a huge cheesy grin on my face!! Thanks for the smiles Cathryn!! 🙂

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