Doodling on the ‘puter

Sometimes you just have to kick back, ditch demands, and have fun. That’s what these two programs encourage – fun. The word-filled image of Australia was created on Tagxedo. Hardy Leung had to have put an enormous amount of time into creating this sweet little software program that will turn words into an image.

I opted to have this site, Crossroads, turned into a map of Australia. That’s because this blog began as a way to keep in touch with friends while we were traveling to, from, and in Oz. I’ve no idea what algorithms the program uses to decide which words to pull from the thousands in the blog. But the result is great fun. Thanks to Harvey Heilbrun for introducing me to Tagxedo.

Australia Tagxedo
Crossroads in Tagxedo

The image below was created in Wordle, another program that takes words and turns them into a “cloud”. Karen Chace introduced me to this little time eater. The more frequently a word appears, the larger it becomes in the image. I chose the most popular post on Catching Courage to give it a try.

There are no purple mountains is a post about how easily our confidence can be shattered and the joy of recovering it. Since I’m very familiar with what I wrote, I’m particularly fascinated by what pops out on Wordle.

Give it a try. I’d love to see some of your Tagxedo and Wordle images.

Purple Mountains
Purple Mountains in Wordle

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