We’re in good hands with these youth

On May 2nd Canadians are voting in federal elections, for the fourth time in seven years. We know the campaign drill. Promises and threats. Blah, blah, blah. Fingers pointing back and forth. Disrespect and distrust and meaningless rhetoric.

I believe in government. The private sector is not going to provide things that are our common good: schools, health care, roads, social supports, environmental protection, appropriate regulations. Those are things I’m willing to fork over taxes for.

I want the private sector to focus on what it does best: making things and providing services that don’t fit into what we should pay for in common. I also want them to be honest and ethical. I want the Big Boys to admit that obscene salaries for CEO’s and a sense of entitlement fueled by greed are tearing apart the very fabric of societies everywhere. I want all of us to insist that the widening gap between rich and poor is unacceptable.

I hope I live long enough to see real change. But even if I don’t, I feel hopeful when I watch these University of Victoria students doing their flash mob for voting. They’re calling on the government to pay attention to issues that will make or break their future.

Candidates, pay attention. The young are passing your names around the social media world. If they get wise to the difference they can make by voting in large numbers, the Old Boys Club may find itself without the hegemony the members consider their entitlement.

More student voting initiatives:

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