Tumbling with the lions

Back in my farming days, I had a heifer named Peaches. She was a sweet young thing who loved the company of her human pals.

When she gave birth to her first calf, I was thrilled. I walked confidently over to her, bent down, and suddenly found myself flat on my back, staring into the eyes of a fierce new mother.

Most of the cows, sheep, pigs and poultry that populated our farms were comfortable with our handling their newborns. Peaches was not.

So I’m even more impressed with Kevin Richardson, who has developed such a close bond with these lions he can tumble with them and even handle newborn cubs. I doubt he’d try this with wild lions, and he’s taking enormous risks with these captive lions. But it’s fascinating to see the trust they have in each other.

Watch the videos and then check out his Web site: Kevin Richardson – the Lion Whisperer. You can also follow him on Twitter, @lionkevin.


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