A place in the choir

A few weeks ago several friends sent me the link to the TED talk below. I’m a TED subscriber, but I’m always happy when friends send me their favourite links. None of us has time to read, watch, or listen to everything that comes our way. When the same link comes from different directions, I know there’s something there I won’t want to miss. This is one of them.

Eric Whitacre is one of the popular and talented composers on the musical scene. You can hear some of the reasons for that on his Web site. His work has a visual quality, as you can hear if you listen to the St. Olaf Choir singing The Seal Lullaby or one of the versions of Noisy Wheels of Joy.

In the video he talks about the 2,000-voice virtual choir he pulled together to perform “Sleep”. The story and the production are moving and inspiring. I’ve watched this video repeatedly, and every time, I get a lump in my throat.

[This is the YouTube link. For transcript and more information about Eric Whitacre, watch on the TED site.]

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