Eggmachine a quirky way to promote animal rights

When we buy eggs in cartons from supermarket shelves, we can easily overlook our role in a system that abuses our fellow creatures. On the other hand, if we’re the sort who buy only free-range eggs from local farmers, we can come off as pretty self-righteous.

Still, I remember some of the chickens who’ve brightened my life, chickens like Millie (Heroism in a small, fierce package) and Bonnie (Wild goose summer). They were busy, friendly little creatures. Made me happy just to watch them scratching around or hear them clucking softly to their chicks.

Whenever I think of factory-farmed eggs, I picture my favourite hens trapped in small cages, with no fresh greens to pluck, no bugs to munch, no sunlight on their backs. I’ve watched enough videos made on the sly by people posing as employees to make my own decision clear: No factory eggs for me.

Factory-farmed eggs are big business, and a whole lot of hens and roosters are suffering because of it. So it’s refreshing to see NOAH, a German animal-rights organization, bring a bit of creativity and humour into their efforts to raise awareness.


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