Storm-tossed dog crawls home

Twisters are wickedly unpredictable. They scoop up one house and leave the next one intact. When they pick something up, they can whirl it for miles before casually spitting it out.

That’s what happened to Mason. The little dog was hanging out in his garage, hiding from the tornado spinning through his Alabama town. The tornado blasted the house apart, picked up Mason, and whirled him far from home.

For three weeks the family searched for their dog friend. Then one day they came back to sort through the rubble of their ruined home. Mason was waiting for them on the front porch. The little tyke’s front legs were broken. He was dirty and forlorn…until he saw his family.

Vulcan Park Animal Care offered to take him while the family dealt with their losses. Two orthopedic specialists have volunteered to operate on Mason’s legs. He’ll return home when he recovers.

In the meantime, you can follow his progress on the Vulcan Park Animal Care site and on Mason’s own Facebook page.

One small, faithful dog with a great heart is on the mend. I suspect his story will help mend some other hearts.


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