Wily cat barks like a dog until caught

This is hilarious. The cat’s peering out the window and barking like a dog. Then the wily feline realizes a human is watching and switches to meowing.

About Cathryn Wellner

Cathryn Wellner has reinvented herself many times—French teacher, school librarian, itinerant storyteller, university instructor, community developer, arts organizer, retail store owner, communications consultant, and project manager. She has also spent years in gumboots, being followed around by sheep, pigs, and a couple of bull camels. She can still be startled by injustices and is grateful to have opportunities to write about them. At the same time, knows of too many generous, brilliant, kind people to be pessimistic and blogs about them on This Gives Me Hope and Catching Courage.
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One Response to Wily cat barks like a dog until caught

  1. valuewithin says:

    Beautiful…who said animals can’t learn a different language? After all, they can understand us pretty well if we give them the chance! A lovely clip.

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