The cat who loves wildlife shows

My thanks to Glenda, who sent this story and photos. I’ve never seen cats so absorbed in television before and asked if I could share her story.

Here are a couple of pictures of the cats, Kofi especially, watching their favourite animal program. It is ‘Hope for Wildlife’ about a Nova Scotia rehab. Lots of furry critters and birds on screen for long periods of time and lots and lots of noises like racoons squealing and crows squawking etc. to maintain their interest. I think the noise makes a big difference in their interest level.

On one show they were preparing to release several crows and boxing them for transportation. Lots of flapping and squawking going on as they got stuffed down into the boxes. Kofi got all excited and jumped off the cabinet and started looking in the fireplace (directly under our TV) for the crows – she was actually meowing at me to help. When she couldn’t see any thing she was back up craning her neck and watched the release. I’ve never had a cat (before) that really recognized animals etc. on TV like Kofi does. I hope she doesn’t get bored with it cause it sure is entertaining for us.

All photographs by Glenda Palmer

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