This cat’s a nanny

One of the most animal-sensitive people in my sphere of far-flung friends knows a lot about inter-species connections. So when Carol posts a link to an animal video, I pay attention.

This one really raised the bar. Stewie the cat could easily move away from the baby, which is fussing as it resists the seduction of sleep. Instead, the cat pats the baby’s head. Gradually, the gentle paw soothes the baby until little Connar gives in and falls asleep. Then watch what the cat does.


6 thoughts on “This cat’s a nanny

  1. Denise Brownlie

    It was the kiss that got me. And that gentle paw.
    Had to watch it twice.
    Is there anything more special than inter-species love?

  2. My first response was fear for the baby, but after watching the careful, gentle, intelligent response of the cat, I was very moved. Nurturing is also a very strong response, and that warms my heart.

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