Magical encounter with a koala

Koalas can’t help being so winsome. Those fuzzy round ears and sweet faces make them a favourite. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing a few on my visits to Australia.

But I have never seen anything like this. I’ve no idea what the little guy needed, but he certainly signaled he wanted to come up into the canoe. Fortunately, someone had a video camera so was able to capture it.

According to Raw Story, members of the Burleigh Point Outrigger Canoe Club were paddling down Tallebudgera Creek on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The visitor was completely at ease with a dozen humans. If you’re like me, you want to know what happened next. Peter Andro is quoted in the piece:

“We paddled back to the creek bank where he came from & put him back on the little beach. With a rather casual wiggle he ambled back into the bushes.”

“We paddled


6 thoughts on “Magical encounter with a koala

  1. Oh, Cath, what a sight-that koala… My Rob and I have just retuned from Hawaii and are in a trance over the beauty of the world we can explore. How fortunate those of us are who can travel to sunny climes, and to,windward islands!

    Thank you for your descriptions of the wilds you and Robin go to! R and I are going to many of the same. Thank you, thank you…


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