Rescued hens learn chicken joys

Scratching, flapping their wings, walking at will. Those are ordinary joys for ordinary chickens. But those lovely little eggs laid by millions of chickens come at high price for poultry. Confined to crowded cages their entire lives, they eat, drink and lay eggs. When they stop laying eggs, they are killed.

These hens got lucky. 3000 of them were taken to AnimalPlace, to live the remainder of their lives like, well, real chickens.


3 thoughts on “Rescued hens learn chicken joys

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  2. Denise Brownlie

    “Chicken joys” is a heart-warming story. Most people recognize companion animals as intelligent sentient beings, but it is a big step forward to include food animals. I wonder: what were the feelings of our ancestors who lived under the same roof as their food animals? Do any diaries or commentaries about this topic survive?

    1. I haven’t seen any diaries or commentaries, though there must be some. I remember staying in a B&B in Austria. Cold winter night. Children slept on the benches around the big stove. Livestock slept in the barn beneath, lending their warmth to all of us. Visited other places, where livestock were in the space beside the living area. And I remember serving dinner to guests and having to remind myself not to say, “Oh, Hector (or whatever name the particular animal carried) tastes so good.”

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