Dancing with manatees

Manatees are surely one of the strangest sea mammals. Their bulky shapes and slow movements make them look like the teddy bears of the sea – not in shape but in winsomeness.

Humans are their greatest threat, through habitat destruction, ship strikes, pollution and fishing gear. To draw attention to these gentle creatures, Mermaid Melissa made the video below. It is 14 minutes well spent – a slow, gentle homage to the manatee.


4 thoughts on “Dancing with manatees

  1. judith

    I swam with a manatee once, where a warm Guatemalan rio poured into the Caribbean…they love to linger in the rich areas of vegetation where fresh and salt water mix. The water was murky from the constant stirring at the mouth of the river, but the dance of the real mermaid, the manatee, was ever so slow and gentle and shadowy. (This looks as if it were filmed at one of the freshwater river springs in Florida, in which some manatees overwinter.)
    To be in the presence of the wild is always a precious gift…

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