Even a rhino can be cute

Gertjie was a baby when his mother was killed for her horn. The two rhinos were victims of poachers. Although Gertjie survived, he was badly traumatized.

Fortunately, the good people of South Africa’s Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre took Gertjie in. He spends his days grazing, going for long walks and taking mud baths.

Read Judy Molland’s wonderful story about him on Care2, check out the videos and web cam, and be sure to speak out against the poaching putting rhinos at such terrible risk.

2 thoughts on “Even a rhino can be cute

  1. Judith

    I love how Gertjie’s feet caress the earth as she walks and trots—I always thought of “rhino feet” as being as tough as nails. But her uncalloused feet are tender upon the trail— and present an analogy of about how we can learn from other species about having a tough enough exterior to deal with the world while also walking softly, with gentle awareness, on life’s path.

    She has changed the way I think about rhinos!

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