About Cathryn

Cathryn Wellner is a writer and storyteller who has worked for the past decade on food systems issues. Robin Jarman is a former music and geographic teacher who has traveled for years as a professional tour director. They combined forces in 2005, proving there’s never a time when we’re too old to start something wonderful and new.

9 thoughts on “About Cathryn

  1. Virginia Sauve

    Hi, Cathryn! Monique forwarded this to me and I’d like to wish you well on your journey. It sounds very exciting! I didn’t make it to Kelowna this summer and so was unable to have this visit we planned last Dec. (Am awaiting a hip replacement and travel is difficult.) I wish you both an exciting, and safe, journey and know you’ll have many lovely stories on your return.


  2. Hey there crazy cats!!! Am just about to sit down at my gorgeous cousin Tanya’s house in Bangkok (free internet!!) and delve into the thoughts and adventures of you happy travellers 🙂 Cuppa in hand…… xoxoxo

  3. Geraldine Bush

    Cathryn & Robin:

    We are so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother Cathryn. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

    At the moment of writing the weather here is sunny but cool, and the fall colours are spectacular.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and envious of your wonderful journey.

    Jack and I are will be on our way to Las Vegas in just over a weeks time, to attend the annual RAF expats reunion, from there we will travel to San Diego and a Mexican Cruise. We plan to make our way slowly back to Kelowna before the end of November.

    Best wishes to you both.


  4. Bob and Lanita

    How fun to read your thoughts and experiences…and to learn more about “our” trip!
    We have been home 4 days now and it is hard to believe we have even been gone!! So my thoughts are, “enjoy your extended time”.
    Bob has been at the hospital every day since we got home, his brother had open heart surgery the day before we got home, and he will be coming to our home to recuperate so we are in a new reality. He is doing well, though, so it will not be long before he is “up and running”.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with me. We really enjoyed our day with you both and have enjoyed “seeing” some of the places through your eyes that we missed, especially your day with Johnny Walker. I was so envious of that day because I had a little sample of the same experience. I am so thrilled for you to have that experience.
    Lanita….for Bob, too

  5. Anne and Doug

    Hey Catherine:

    Just to let you know we’ve been enjoying the tales and the pics. Winter is still doing its think up her in northwest BC, which for snow-lovers like us is just great.

    We’ll keep reading and enjoying — you keep travelling and writing.

    your hazelton fans

  6. Chris Bischoff

    Hi, I have just read your latest notes-exciting and so well written, Cathryn! We are going to be pleased to see you again soon so we can share stories in person! Jan and Tony are still here and will probably stay until June now, so you will see them. We’ve answered your request for help with the car-love to do that for you.

    Love Chris and Al

  7. Karen and Sarah

    Loved the stories of your trip it was a pleasure to meet you both and enjoy a laugh together. I hope to see you again in the future if or when you venture back to sunny Oz 🙂 keep in touch loves Karen Sarah and freda xx

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