Musical chicken

Hello to you patient folk who’ve been waiting for another animal video. I’m busy with a gazillion projects but couldn’t resist this one. Yes, the chicken is responding to light cues, not musical notation, but that she can do that is yet more evidence we still know very little about the skills of our non-human relatives.



Compassionate dog

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 4.57.56 PM
This mama dog was staying at the Barkers Pet Motel in Alberta, Canada while her owners were away. When she heard some puppies barking their loneliness, she got out of her own kennel and went to comfort them. Fortunately, one of the kennel keepers let her into the pen.

It was a beautiful moment for all of them. Maggie’s puppies had recently been adopted, but the kennel pups gave her a chance to do some mothering.

Does anyone still think it’s anthropomorphizing to attribute feelings to our fellow creatures?


Rat refuses broccoli

In the coffee circle after fitness class, Debbie, a friend who works for the BCSPCA here in Kelowna mentioned a video that had gone viral. Made by a woman she knows through the BCSPCA, the video of Dexter the rat has had over a million viewers. It is a simple, funny little video of a rat who knows what he likes…and what he doesn’t. Dexter the rat will not tolerate the slightest bit of broccoli in his house.

Once you’ve watched the first video, check out the second. Dexter still does not like broccoli. Period.