Awww, go ahead and hug that shark

I’ve never had a chance to see the documentary made by Geert Droppers and Cristina Zenato, though it was released in 2008. After watching this trailer, I want to watch the whole things. Never in my life would I have expected to watch sharks totally blissed out, hanging out with divers, snuggling and clearly loving being stroked.

Protect the Sharks Foundation produced the film. The Dutch non-profit organization works to ensure the future of this important and much aligned species.


Even a rhino can be cute

Gertjie was a baby when his mother was killed for her horn. The two rhinos were victims of poachers. Although Gertjie survived, he was badly traumatized.

Fortunately, the good people of South Africa’s Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre took Gertjie in. He spends his days grazing, going for long walks and taking mud baths.

Read Judy Molland’s wonderful story about him on Care2, check out the videos and web cam, and be sure to speak out against the poaching putting rhinos at such terrible risk.

Pig’s a dancing platform for a baby goat

I don’t know who wrote the song, “Baby Goat on a Pig”, and a quick Google search did not enlighten me. It did lead me to what appears to be the original video upload. Someone added the song, which is a perfect fit and adds to the laughs.

My baby goats used to climb on everything – hay bales, logs, cows, their mothers. They were the picture of joy in every limb. And our pigs would have tolerated them without a fuss. The little hooves would have been a massage for their thick skins. If they tired, they would just have rolled over.