Awww, go ahead and hug that shark

I’ve never had a chance to see the documentary made by Geert Droppers and Cristina Zenato, though it was released in 2008. After watching this trailer, I want to watch the whole things. Never in my life would I have expected to watch sharks totally blissed out, hanging out with divers, snuggling and clearly loving being stroked.

Protect the Sharks Foundation produced the film. The Dutch non-profit organization works to ensure the future of this important and much aligned species.

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Rescue cow goes to the dogs

Milkshake? If she knew what it meant, this rescue cow would be less enthusiastic about her name. However, her pleasure at being one of the dogs would not change. This cow has no idea she should be wary of canines. The rescue cow is accepted by the dogs, and, as far as she is concerned, they are good pals. Bovines and canines are clearly more open and accepting than their humanoid pals.

Update: For some reason the Vimeo embed code did not work, though it tested out when I posted it. So I hope those of you who tried earlier will try again. The short videos below are from YouTube.

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Lonely pit bull seduced by food, finds love

The pit bull was wary but gentle, lost and alone. Bits of hamburger brought her closer, but she was too afraid to let anyone touch her.

So the rescuers from HopesForPaws lured her into a cage. Brought to a safe place to await her forever home, she showed how much she wanted love.

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Jaguar pounces on Dog, but it’s all in play

Early in the video, Jaguar pins Dog. Game over, or so it appears, but these two are best buddies.

When Jaguar matured enough to be on his own in a more natural enclosure, the sanctuary staff removed the little Jack Russell dog. That did not last long. The friends could not bear to be parted.

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Baby sea lion finds human to snuggle with

Maybe the little guy was tired. Maybe he’d had previous experience with humans. Whatever the case, he climbed aboard the boat and snuggled with one of the people.

And for that guy, it was a life-changing experience.

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Pugs and pigs just want to have fun

Our non-human relatives have a different attitude toward other species than we humans have. These two youngsters met at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in the UK and hit it off immediately. That they were different species was, well, simply not important. What was more important was that they “got” the play rules and had a fabulous time together.

Yes, I know the dog isn’t a pug, but the owner titled the video, and I couldn’t resist the alliteration.

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Cat’s not into Dog, but patience has its rewards

No matter how much we may adore them, sometimes the objects of our affection are just not into us.

But stick with this video to the end. These cats are definitely not that keen on the dogs who want to be their pals, but patience has its rewards.

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