Chamallow, the feline escape artist

Chamallow is mascot in a Marseille vet clinic. Normally he is not caged, but his pals put him into this one so he could demonstrate what he does so well: escape.

Teddy bear mother for abandoned foal

Piper Hoffman wrote a wonderful story about this abandoned foal. It originally appeared on Care2 on June 14, 2013.

It is such a favourite on the site it was recently re-posted. Click the link above for the full, sweet tale.

When the master’s away, the dog will play

Sheesh, a dog can’t get away with anything in the era of ever-present cameras. This canine is not allowed on the bed and no doubt looks all innocent when the family comes back. But while they are out…watch what happens.

This video has already had nearly 14 million views and will likely have passed that by the time this post goes live.

Kama the surfing pig (really!)

When I had potbellied pigs, I was in Cariboo, a rural area of British Columbia that is decidedly inland. It never occurred to me they might enjoy surfing. But check out Kama,  lucky Hawaiian pig who hops on the boards as eagerly as his human pals.


Abused, abandoned…and loved

Ralph was abused and then dumped. Compassionate people brought him food, but the little dog needed love and care. He finally got it, after a long and fearful resistance.

The 8 minutes you spend watching this will give you hope.

Two blind cows know the chemistry of friendship

Sweety experienced the fate of cows in industrial operations. She was kept pregnant in a dark barn. Her male calves were sold young as veal. Her female calves became breeders and milk providers. But after years of enduring an unhappy life, Sweety’s fate changed.

Read the Care2 story first, then watch the video. But be warned. You will want a tissue handy.

Paralyzed pug is on the run

Spine crushed as a puppy, Pepe has grown up unable to use his back legs properly. His owner was unable to care for him and brought him to a shelter. The spunky, cheerful dog captured everyone’s hearts. Now he has his forever home and a joyful life.

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