Cat’s not into Dog, but patience has its rewards

No matter how much we may adore them, sometimes the objects of our affection are just not into us.

But stick with this video to the end. These cats are definitely not that keen on the dogs who want to be their pals, but patience has its rewards.

This may change your mind about rats

…on the other hand, it might not. But give it a watch anyway. These rats are so smart and willing. They learn new tricks and work hard to please their human companions.

Never underestimate a badger

Watching these badgers collaborate on an escape plan, I was cheering for the little jail breakers. They know what they want – OUT – and who could blame them?

I watched this clip with growing admiration for these intelligent mammals.

Elk comes to the rescue of a drowning marmot

Wild creatures in zoos make me sad, but this story from 2011 is still fascinating. Watch what this elk does when a marmot falls into his water tank.

Diver frees turtle from net, gets beautiful thanks

The turtle’s left front leg was completely tangled in a net until kite surfers Colin Sutton and Cameron Dietrich carefully freed him. Thanks to a GoPro camera we can watch not only the rescue but also the turtle’s turning back to acknowledge the rescuer. It is a touching moment.

Have you ever heard an elephant snore?

At the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, a woman by the name of Lek saves flies away from Fae Mai. All the while, she sings a lullaby that so comforts the great beast, the elephant sinks into a deep sleep and snores peacefully.

It is a sweet scene between elephant and human, though a sad reminder that we humans have made their lives so difficult they are increasingly reliant on wildlife sanctuaries to provide refuge for them.

Even a rhino can be cute

Gertjie was a baby when his mother was killed for her horn. The two rhinos were victims of poachers. Although Gertjie survived, he was badly traumatized.

Fortunately, the good people of South Africa’s Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre took Gertjie in. He spends his days grazing, going for long walks and taking mud baths.

Read Judy Molland’s wonderful story about him on Care2, check out the videos and web cam, and be sure to speak out against the poaching putting rhinos at such terrible risk.

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