Vet rescues a blind fawn, who rescues her in return

The fawn was blind and dying when someone brought her to veterinarian Melanie Butera of Canal Fulton, Ohio. Butera and her husband took her in and nursed her back to health.

Then Dillie returned the favour. Butera was diagnosed with stage-four endometrial cancer. She credits her survival to Dillie, whose love helped to heal her.

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Dog returns power of speech to man with Alzheimer’s

On her Mama CEO blog, Lisa Abeyta posted a deeply touching story about the video she had posted on YouTube. Her father, whose speech has disappeared as his dementia has deepened, had been having a chat with her dog. Abeyta had taken video of the interaction and posted a link to it on Reddit.

The short video is a reminder that inside every Alzheimer’s patient is a person who needs our love, patience and compassion. Over six million people have watched the video. Watch it, and you will understand why.

What your dog does when you go on holiday

When the whippet was left with a dog sitter, what might have been a sad time for the dog became a great play time.

Photographer and videographer James Llakos made a film of his time with the whippet, and I’m guessing the dog’s owners had him back repeatedly.

They named the baby Miracle

Bridget Bardot managed to survive the bushfire that swept through her Australian farm, but the mad scramble cost her a broken leg. A ewe with a broken leg is a write-off on a working farm, but the farmer’s wife was determined to save her.

So Bridget was transported to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. When they set her leg, they discovered she was pregnant.

The story of her recovery and the birth of a lamb called Miracle will give you something to smile about.

Miracle from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Even bears like hammocks

Or at least this one does. This bear has caught onto the function of a hammock so tries it out. He looks as happy as any human chilling on a soft summer day.

The elephant and the sheep

When a baby elephant’s mother fell down a cliff, the orphan soon weakened. The Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre rescued her and transported her to safe haven. There they began the challenging task of trying to persuade him to accept bottle feeding.

They knew the elephant needed love as well as food. Remembering their success bonding a rhino with a sheep, they cast about for an ovine pal. At a nearby sheep farm, they picked out Albert. The elephant put the run on the strange animal until Albert let his curiosity turn the tables and began pushing back. What happened then is a beautiful story of interspecies friendship.

The documentary is just over 50 minutes and well worth watching.

The lion whisperer

Kevin Richardson uses a GoPro camera in this video of the lion whisperer interacting with his friends.

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